Anna Rynefors - musician

Anna Rynefors is a multi-instrumentalist and storytelling artist renowned for her skill to capture the audience. She has worked as a professional musician for 20 years. Her speciality lies with old Nordic traditional instruments, especially the nyckelharpa and the Swedish bagpipe and she is an official “Master Musician of the realm” (“Riksspelman”).
As an active freelance musician and producer, performing early music and Nordic roots music both as a soloist and with her groups Dråm and Falsobordone she gets to tour all over the world. She has received travel grants from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee on numerous occasions and has for the last five years received funding from the Swedish Arts Council.
Her kids' show “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” was performed for thousands of young children and families as well as being featured “exclusive artist” in the roster of Sweden’s largest regional artist agency “Musik i Syd”.
In March 2021 she was awarded a “Folkhero” at the Folk & World Music Gala together with her husband Erik Ask-Upmark for her unflagging commitment in the face of the pandemic!